Why should you consider a golfing holiday in Turkey?

Sueno Belek Hotel

Turkey Golf Holidays. While Turkey has long been celebrated as an important cultural and historic gateway between Europe and Asia, until relatively recently, few people would have given much thought to this fascinating country as a destination for a golf break.

Thankfully, here at findagolfbreak.com, we are very much enthusiasts of even the most obscure and unsung golfing holiday spots. In any case, Turkey has been winning the recognition in recent years among both inexperienced and hardened golfers that it has long deserved.

A country that ticks so many of the obvious boxes 

In many ways, it’s amazing that it has taken so long for Turkey to gain the prominence that it has among golfing hotspots. Not only does it boast a formidable complement of championship golf courses and pleasant all-inclusive resorts, but it also offers the ideal climate in which to enjoy them.

When you also consider such factors as the excellent value for money that Turkey represents compared to more traditional locations for a golfing break, as well as high service and accommodation standards, stunning Mediterranean coastal scenery and the stimulations of nearby major cities such as Istanbul, Turkey becomes a more and more tempting choice.

Where should you go golfing in Turkey? 

While there are many excellent golf courses to be found throughout the country – including in and around such areas as Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Mugla and Ankara – if there is just one place to head for your golfing holiday in Turkey, it is unquestionably the resort region of Belek.


There are so many great reasons to visit or stay over in Belek regardless of its steadily increasing reputation as a golfing centre, including its alluring beaches, wide-ranging shopping opportunities and generous tourist facilities encompassing highly opulent five-star hotels and spas.

Gloria Golf Resort

However, it also cannot be denied that Belek is becoming ever-more associated with golf on the world stage, with recent key events to have been held here including the Turkish Airlines World Golf Final and the Turkish Airlines Open.

Discover an emerging and appealing golfing epicentre 

A golfing holiday in Turkey is becoming a ‘must-do’ for so many UK and European golfers, and we can make it possible for you with the utmost convenience, as well as at the right price, here at findagolfbreak.com.

Allow us to put together the perfect Turkish golfing break for you, so that you can focus on enjoying your destination – as well as, of course, honing your game!

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