Poland Golf Holidays

Poland Golf Holidays

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Golf Breaks and Golf Holidays in Poland.

Over 140 flights departing daily from the UK make Poland one of the most connected countries with Britain. You’ll be surprised how a short flight of around 2 hours can transport you to such varied historical and natural surroundings. Most likely, you will land in Warsaw, Poland’s largest city and an economic, political, and cultural center. Warsaw is a bustling metropolis and features an remarkable history – almost 90% destroyed after the 2 World Wars and rebuilt thanks to Barnardo Bellotto’s XVIII century paintings – this unprecedented accomplishment was appreciated by UNESCO in 1980, when the Warsaw Old Town and Royal Castle were listed as a World Heritage Site.

Since its inception in 1993, the Polish Golf Union in Warsaw currently unites 57 golf clubs – 19 championship courses, 18 nine holes courses, pitch&putt academies and driving ranges. This sport is increasingly popular and the number of golf clubs and golfers is growing year by year, unfortunately golf is still being considered elite sport in Poland. Among 36 million citizens, only about 5 thousand are registered with the Polish Golf Union, but the actual number of active players is even lower. Thanks to that you can enjoy golf at your own pace, without the frustration of making endless practice swings as you wait for the group in front to leave the green. Undoubtedly, the best place to play golf in Poland is Warsaw with a total of 3 golf clubs on the outskirts of capital.

Many cities lay claim to the best parties in Poland, but only Warsaw’s nightlife credentials bear up to serious examination. Due to its increasing selection of vibrant clubs, bars and restaurants, each with their own unique style, Warsaw has officially established itself as one of Europe’s top nightlife destinations. For the ultimate after-dark experience, alternate between the city’s hotspots and some of its finest cultural experiences, and you will have it all. Explore the city’s rich history by day and its chic locales by night. Dive into its nocturnal underworld – glamour, glitz and sleaze seem to infiltrate venues in equal measure and whereas prices are considerably higher than in the rest of Poland but, still way more affordable than the ones in London or Moscow – and still just as good.  If you’re looking for all-night parties, beautiful people, international DJs, fantastic venues, generally plenty of rock’n’roll and all that comes with it – look no further but within Poland’s vibrant, cosmopolitan and fast-paced capital. Whatever happens in Warsaw, stays in Warsaw, just remember to keep it classy as polish bouncers tend to be more picky than the local girls.

Irish Golf Review: ‘From my recent experience Poland can compete with other Countries as a leading golfing destination’.

Declan Brennan

Destination Golf: ‘If you’re looking to experience a new golf destination that’s rapidly gaining in reputation, look no further Poland – in my mind, it takes Pole Position.’

Dermot Synnott

Irish Sun: ‘Poland has such a lot to offer – great cities, a proud history, good golf courses, sea and sand, a great climate in winter and summer and shopping. And the best for last? Superb food and drink at prices that are so much cheaper than at home – for everything.’

Ann Mooney

Sunday World: ‘There may not be the slew of courses that you might get here in Ireland, or in the oft-trodden fairways of the UK, Spain or Portugal, but when you come across a golf course in Poland, it is invariably of very high quality indeed.’

Karl Doyle

 Destination Golf: ‘It was a good mix of golf, history and culture.’

Kevin Markham

Irish Golf World: ‘There is no doubt about it but Poland has more than a few gems of golf courses for every standard of golfer from the dedicated low handicap to the plus 18’s. The accommodation is first class and the Polish people are most hospitable.’

Declan Brennan


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Sobienie Królewskie Golf & Country Club

Sobienie Królewskie Golf & Country Club

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