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Wales Golf Breaks and Golf Holidays. From the rugged North to the lush green South there is no finer place in the UK for a golfing holiday than Wales! Experience wind lashed links golf courses to tricky tree lined inland Championship golf courses. Wales really does have them all.

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Golfing holidays in Wales are truly some of the best value around! 

Of all of the places on the British Isles where you could conceivably tee off, you might not have given much thought to Wales – or at least, not until relatively recently. It was, after all, Newport’s own Celtic Manor Resort that hosted the 2010 Ryder Cup, and on two occasions before then – in 1987 and 2005 – Wales also emerged victorious in the men’s World Cup.

However, there’s equally no doubt that the popularity of golfing holidays in Wales has historically suffered due to persistent perceptions that true golf enthusiasts were best off heading to other parts of Britain, such as Scotland, where the game was established and developed.

That’s not the case so much now, though. In fact, Wales is home today to about 200 golf courses, many of them dating back much further than you’d think. The first Welsh golf courses opened in the late 19th century, and there really is a course in the country in 2018 to suit every skill and experience level, as well as – of course – taste.

But there’s one other reason you should be booking right now at golf breaks in Wales… 

You might expect us here at to talk up Wales’ golfing credentials to encourage you to browse our latest deals for holidays in both North Wales and South Wales.

However, you don’t just have to take our word for it, as one study earlier this year found that golfers actually considered golfing holidays in Wales to offer a bigger ‘bang for their buck’ than those in any other part of Europe – ahead of such more obvious destinations as Spain, Portugal and Turkey.

The unlikely up-and-comer among golfing destinations 

Nor is Wales’ top ranking in such a regard a big surprise to us. After all, whether you most fancy heading to North Wales with the atmospheric, rugged surroundings it offers at such challenging courses as Aberdovey, Holyhead or Royal St David’s, or you’re instead intrigued by South Wales on account of the urban thrills offered by the capital city of Cardiff, there is the perfect Welsh golfing holiday package out there for you.

Far from just a place to go for the penny-pinchers, Wales is one of the truly undiscovered golfing epicentres, located practically on our doorstep! So, why not peruse our various offers for golfing holidays in Wales today, to see for yourself how a UK golfing ‘staycation’ this year could also be one of the most rewarding breaks you ever have?